6 Best Nail Salons for Nail Art and Nail Designs in Christchurch

Are you a beauty-conscious person who enjoys grooming your nails? Here are our top 6 best nail salons for nail arts in Christchurch; based on customer reviews, comfort, and the quality of services offered. 
Nghi Dinh
November 21, 2022

1. 1999 House of Nails

If you haven’t checked it out already, 1999 House of Nails is one of the latest nail hotspots for nail art in Christchurch. The salon promises a memorable experience for each client that walks through the door. Perfectionism is expected here, so if you are all about quality then this salon is a must-visit. 

The team consists of highly trained and qualified nail technicians who know their stuff. They know what beautiful nails look like but more importantly, how to create exceptional nail designs that can stand out anywhere. It’s one of few places where the nail artists meticulously invest time to make each fingernail canvas an artwork.

They team is also highly creative and can consult clients on nail choices that reflect their personalities. You can count on these artists to advise you on all aspects of your nails, from picking your nail colors to choosing the shapes and art that suits your personality and fashion style. 

The lead nail artist, Nghi, has over five years of experience as a nail artist. She is known for her extreme attention to detail and ability to create beautiful nails that last. 

If you’re still not convinced, check out the 150+ 5-star reviews on Google of happy customers who have been going back for months. If you want to try it out, make sure to book in an appointment.

2. Nails by Anna

Nails by Anna is another popular nail salon that is based in Shirley. The salon is known for its comfortable space and exceptional services. The salon's owner, Anna, is a highly talented and versatile nail artist and designer. She is an expert at a broad range of nail designs, from the relatively more straightforward swirl nails to complicated cartoon nails that require intricate drawings. As a client at this salon, all you need to have a vision of what you want, and Anna will bring it to fruition. Of course, she can also help you choose the designs, colors, and shapes that suits your preferences.

3. The Nail Loungex

The Nail Loungex is another highly recommended nail salon based in Halswell, Christchurch. Still an up-and-coming nail salon, it is gradually being well-known for various sophisticated and extremely long nail designs. With a comfortable and cosy space, it boasts a highly trained technician who has amassed years of experience in nail art. 

Their creativity and unique style is showcased through long crazy nail designs featuring various shapes, including coffins, stilettos, almonds, and squares. If you’re not afraid to wear the most sophisticated and crazy designs, this nail salon may be your favorite.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: https://www.pexels.com/photo/client-in-beauty-salon-3736313/

4. The Nail Shop

The Nail Shop is another upscale nail salon in Bush-in mall in Upper Riccarton. This salon has a spacious and welcoming atmosphere, but that's not even its primary selling point. It has some experienced and talented nail technicians offering their clients a broad range of nail art styles. 

Most clients who visit this nail salon seem to go for shorter and simpler nails, but pictures on their Instagram page also indicate that they can do several trendy nail styles, including French manicures and pop art nails. Consider visiting this nail salon if your style is simple and classy or have a laid-back personality.

5. Blush Nail Artist

You should also try out Blush Nail Artist for your manicures and pedicures. Founded in 2014, this nail salon has managed to carve a niche regarding quality services. The founder, Chantelle, is a reputed nail artist and educator. Her talent and versatility are shown through highly intricate brush art designs. 

Indeed, Chantelle is all about bringing fun and passion to the nail art industry with a heavy focus on the creative side while simultaneously adhering to the safety and hygiene standards of the industry. Other nail designs from this salon include swirl French nails, tortoise, and accent nails. 

Photo by Cheda Stankovic: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photography-of-woman-manicuring-person-3422099/

6. Nails & Nicole

Nails & Nicole is another option for nail arts in Christchurch. Located in Kaiapoi, this nail salon, which has existed since 2017, is also known for quality services, including gel manicures and gel pedicure. A quick stop on their Instagram page will reveal that this salon primarily focuses on simpler heart-shaped and younger trendy designs. 

Of course, there are many other friendly nail salons in Christchurch, but it's imperative always to choose those that give value to your money. A good nail salon always maintain good hygiene, has high quality product, and offers a welcoming customer service. Before going to any nail salon, ask for recommendations from your friends and family; and always read reviews from their websites. 

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