What are SNS Nails? Things You Need to Know

SNS (Signature Nail Systems) is a type of manicure that uses a powder dipping system for durable and long-lasting nails with a natural-looking finish which can last up to 3 weeks! Read on to learn more.
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February 17, 2023

What are SNS Nails?

SNS (Signature Nail Systems) nails, often also referred to as Dip Powder Nails, are a kind of synthetic nails that uses powder to produce a robust and enduring coating. 

Unlike conventional acrylic nails, SNS nails employ a pre-blended powder that is immersed directly into a liquid solution before being applied onto the nail. As a result, this produces a sturdier and more resistant nail that is less prone to chipping or cracking. Additionally, SNS nails are well-knowned for their shiny finish and natural appearance.

What does SNS do to your nails?

Using SNS for on your natural nails or artificial nails offers numerous advantages. One of the primary benefits is their durability and long-lasting quality, with most nail sets lasting up to 3 weeks when applied and cared for properly. Since the powder is premixed with the liquid solution, the resulting nail is stronger and less prone to breakage or chipping. 

Furthermore, SNS nails don't require UV light for curing, unlike gel nails, and they dry quickly within minutes. With the growing demand for SNS nails, there's also a wide selection of colors available to choose from, just like traditional nail polish. 

Additionally, nail technicians can get quite creative with nail designs, as powders can be dipped and sprinkled on nails to create intricate designs. In general, it's easier for nail technicians to create beautiful nail designs with SNS as compared to acrylic nails. 

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How long do SNS nails last for?

The longevity of a SNS manicure can range from two to three weeks, depending on the rate of an individual's nail growth and their activities. This extended wear time implies a reduced likelihood of chipping or breaking, resulting in a longer-lasting finish that requires less frequent touch-ups. 

However, as with any type of nail enhancement, a SNS manicure will eventually require removal and a fresh application to retain a healthy and polished appearance.

How much does SNS Nails cost? 

The cost of SNS nails is subject to variation based on several factors, such as the nail salon you opt for and the level of service you receive. In New Zealand, the average pricing for a SNS on natural nails falls between $50 to $60, whereas a full set SNS artificial nail extension could range from $65 to $85 depending on the length. 

A few salons might provide discounts for first-time customers or those who book multiple services simultaneously. Hence, it's advisable to compare the prices of various salons before finalizing one. 

It's also crucial to remember that the cost of SNS nails also depends on the design or adornments you select, as more intricate designs will typically entail higher charges.

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Are SNS Nails better than gel? 

Although SNS nails are generally more robust and longer-lasting than gel nails, they can be challenging to remove and might damage the natural nail if the process isn't done correctly. So make sure you go to a reputable nail salon that you can trust. 

If you have weaker nails, SNS is often recommended as it provides a protective layer to strengthen your nails.

On the contrary, gel nails involve administering a layer of gel polish onto the natural nail and using a UV or LED light to cure it. Gel nails are more pliant and less prone to chipping than SNS nails, but they may not be as durable. Soaking the nails in acetone is the preferred method of removing gel nails, which can be abrasive to the natural nail.

What is better Acrylics or SNS Nails?

If you're searching for durable, long-lasting nails that can withstand wear and tear, acrylic nails may be the preferable choice. These nails have the potential to last for up to a month after the initial set and become firm and inflexible. Conversely, SNS nails are fashioned by utilizing a resin powder and tend to endure up to three weeks.

If you prefer a natural-looking appearance, SNS nails possess a lustrous finish that closely resemble your natural nails, while acrylic nails commonly exhibit a matte finish.

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Is SNS bad for your nails?

Compared to traditional acrylic nails, SNS nails are generally believed to be gentler on natural nails. This is due to the way the powder is blended with a liquid solution before application, resulting in a stronger and more resilient nail that is less prone to chipping or breaking. 

Moreover, SNS powder nails do not require the use of a nail drill or other mechanical tools that can potentially harm the nail bed if used incorrectly. Nevertheless, it is essential to have your nails applied and removed by a trained professional to minimize the risk of harm to natural nails. 

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