We believe flawless nails
is an
instrument for

We believe that

flawless nails

is an instrument

for self-confidence

and self-expression

Wearing nails is the willingness to be in the limelight and display your style to the world

Nail artistry is about boldness

Your nails are for you

More than just ‘getting nails done’

While others can enjoy your lash, hair & eyebrows, a beautiful nail set is for YOU to gaze at and appreciate
Choosing colours, shapes, and art you love is your way of being an artist. It’s about being creative and making choices that reflect your personality

Nail salon womenNail salon womenNail salon women

We’re not just a salon, we’re a movement

It’s a movement against the highly traditional & broken nail industry. While other salons count how many people are rushed through in an hour, we count how many memorable experiences we create each day.
Our team consists of highly-trained technicians and artists who are perfectionists. We know what beautiful nails look like, and more importantly, how they are done. Rather than saying ‘yes' to every client that walks in, our artists take the time to refine each fingernail canvas to perfection.
There is still a stigma around nail tech being a low-pay and low-skill job which isn't a career path. That's not how we see it. Nail technicians/artists are, in fact, highly-skilled and creative jobs that also take years of practice to perfect. It's a meaningful job where we can to inspire confidence and help people express themselves through gorgeous nails.
Having experienced first-hand the underpaying and overworking culture of migrant-owned businesses, we're determined to make it right (as migrants ourselves). At 1999 House of Nails, all technicians and artists are paid based on skill level and ability to deliver great services; regardless of their skin colour, cultural background or gender.

Quality above all

Shifting industry perception

Building a culture of fairness & respect

Group nails

Meet the founders

With 5 years of experience in nail tech & nail art, combined with 5 years of experience in brand/marketing, we're building the latest nail salon hotspot in town. Our promise is simple - high-quality, long-lasting and beautiful nails every time for each client that walks through the door; while also building a fair, respectful & fun work culture that honours the role of nail technicians and artists.
Nghi Dinh
Nghi Dinh
Co-founder, Lead Nail Artist
Tri Phung
Tri Phung
Co-founder, General Manager
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