builder gel

builder gel can be used to create length, thickness, or enhance the strength of your nails.
you got the options of a simpler builder gel overlay or a builder gel extensions

builder gel on natural nails

$75 - $85

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frequently asked questions

what is a builder gel?


Builder gel is a liquid gel that can be used to create strength, thickness or enhance the strength of your nails. Often used for overlay or nail extensions, builder gel is thicker and more powerful than standard gel polish.

what's the difference between builder gel nails and acrylic nails?


Builder gel is not as hard as acrylic, is more flexible and can withstand more pressure. Builder gel is often preferred over acrylic if you want to preserve the natural look or maintain the original nail length. If you have soft nails, acrylics can offer a suit of armour to protect delicate nails from breaking.

Both builder gels and acrylics are equally safe when applied correctly, cared for, and removed properly.

Note: we do not provide acrylic nails

is builder gel safe?


Yes, if applied and removed using the right technique. There are a number of ways which builder gels can be applied incorrectly. For example, when a nail is over-filed or the incorrect grit file is used.

Our nail technicians are highly-trained to ensure that builder gels are applied and removed properly.

how long does builder gel normally last?


Depending on how well it is applied and how well you preserve it, builder gel can last between two and four weeks (but can be longer if well taken care of).

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