15 Must-try French Manicure Ideas

French manicure is one of the most timeless and classic types of manicures. Its design features a band of white polish at the tips of the nails, with a natural-looking base.
Nghi Dinh
October 28, 2022

While no one knows precisely when French manicure was introduced, there are indications that it became popular in French salons around the 19th century. And by the 20th century, the technique had already caught the attention of American designers and women worldwide. 

Why do people love French manicure?

Many women love French manicure because it oozes a combination of simplicity and elegance. In addition, it's a versatile manicure style ideal for almost all occasions, whether it's a corporate event, a wedding, or an informal gathering with friends. It's also the perfect manicure type for your everyday activities, whether you work from home or in an office. 

The name French manicure came about because the founder, Jeff Pink, claimed he created it purposely for fashion-forward women in Paris. Years later, despite disagreements over the name, it remained popular in all fashion-forward countries. As a result, it's one of the nail salons and spas' most highly-demanded manicure services.

What are 'French tips'?

French manicure has unique tips, commonly known as "French tips." French tips refer to the band of white polish at the tips of the nail, above the base, which is often painted in a pinkish nude shade. The idea of using nude pink on the base was to give the nails a natural-looking color, but that has changed a lot today. So, nowadays, some women opt for French manicures with varying polish shades that do not look natural. 

Most nail technicians use French tip guides for optimal results to achieve a perfect and clean finish. During a French manicure procedure, you can expect the nail technician to put the guides on your nails after applying the base coat. Then, he'll apply white polish on the tips of the nails and a pale shade on the base before putting the top coat.

Hard not to fall in love with this classic flawless French look

15 Must-try French Manicure Styles

Nowadays, many technicians have modified French manicures into varying styles. However, these are the 15 must-try French manicure styles for all nail beauty enthusiasts;

1. Classic French manicure

You will never go wrong with the classic square manicure design. It's more like the original French manicure, which features a band of white tips and a nude pinkish base on squarely filed nails. 

2. Square French

The square French is also a must-try manicure style. It is beautifully simple and versatile, so rest assured you can rock it for any event. To achieve this look, your nail technician must file your nails to obtain a square shape before applying white polish on the tips and a nude shade of pink at the base.

3. Almond-shaped French

The almond-shaped manicure is another timeless design that never goes out of style. To achieve this style, your technician must first file your nails into an almond shape before applying the nail polish and creating the French tips.

4. Rhinestone French

If you love to keep it classy and sophisticated, you would love the rhinestone French manicure. It's simply a regular French manicure that features beautiful rhinestones in parts of the nail.

5. Geometric French

Geometric French is similar to the classic French manicure. However, instead of applying the French tips horizontally, the technician applies them geometrically.

6. Accent French

You've also got to try the accent French manicure for a different look. The accent French style is similar to the almond-shaped French manicure except that some nails are painted with a single color polish while others feature the regular white French tips.

7. Square long French

If you love your nails a bit longer, you should try the squares long French manicure. The elegant manicure design features longer nails and bigger French tips.

8. Colored French

The colored French design is ideal for people who are not afraid to play with colors. This style is unique because the French tips are made with other brighter colors, not necessarily white.

9. Line French

You can also add some beauty to your French manicure by opting for the line French design. It's a simple yet beautiful design that features tiny French tips and another line at the part of the nail where the French tips would have typically started. You can do this design with any color of your choice.

10. Vertical ombre French

This design is ideal for those who want to switch up their French manicure. To achieve this type of manicure, your technician needs to create a color gradient using a lighter and darker shade of nail polish. Then he will use shiny transparent nail polish to accentuate the French tips.

11. Tortoise French

Tortoise French is another simple yet gorgeous French manicure design that most women love. The design features French tips made in a tortoise's back pattern. 

12. Swirly French

Swirly French manicures are another sophisticated nail design that will make any woman stand out from the crowd. The design involves longer nails with more pronounced French tips designed in a swirl pattern. 

13. Glitter French

Glitter French is a simple yet beautiful style of manicure. The versatile nail style features French tips made with glittering nail polish. 

14. Rainbow French

This style will also appeal to women who enjoy rocking many colors simultaneously. The design involves French tips made with colors of nail polish. For this design to come out clean, your technician needs to use at least two different nail polish colors to design the tips of the nails.

15. Flame French

The flame French design will enhance any classy look. The simple yet classy design features big French tips carefully drawn in a flame-like pattern. 

There are many more French manicure styles, but those listed here are some of the best. So, if you're looking for a place to bring the most creative nail designs to fruition in New Zealand, you can be sure that 1999 House of Nails is the perfect spot. They've got everything needed to create different timeless French manicure styles.

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