20 Christmas Gel Nail Ideas for 2024

Christmas is that special time of the year when everyone wants to keep their nail games top-notch. Here are 20 Gel Nails Ideas you should consider for Christmas 2023! 
1999 House of Nails
December 15, 2023

To help you stay fashionable this Christmas, we have highlighted some trendiest gel nail designs and ideas which include;

1. French Tips Green

French Tips Green is one of those designs you can conveniently rock during Christmas. It’s a lot like the original French manicures, but it features green French tips and a silver line just below the tips. However, the French tip in one of the nails has a Christmas-like design.

2. Glitter French Tips

This is another soft and alluring gel nail design suitable for Christmas. It features melting champagne-like gold French tips with stars over a beige base. 

3. Candy French Tips

If you want to keep it classy while simultaneously making it Christmas, you should opt for this Candy French Tips design. To achieve this look, your nail technician must file your nails into an oval shape before adding French tips with thick red and white stripes.

4. Red Accent Christmas

Do you love to rock a red and white combo during Christmas? If yes, then the Red Accent Christmas design nails are for you. This gel nail design, however, features different works of art on each nail. Some nails are designed in stripes of red and white, others a regular French manicure with a red base, while at least one nail features a white Christmas-like design over a red base.

5. Candy Swirl French Tips

This is one of the most Christmassy types of nails you will ever see. To achieve this unique gel nail style, your technician must design oval-shaped nails with red and white French tips before finishing them with patches of different colors all over the nails.

6. Mix Match Brush Art

This design is simply Christmas nails in full swing. One of the nails of this design features the Minnie and Mickey snowmen, while the rest includes different designs made with popular Christmas colors, including red, green, white, and a little black.

7. Accent Stiletto

This Christmas nail design oozes class and sophistication. The nail style features long pointed-shaped nails, each with a unique Christmassy design such as plain metallic red nail polish, little snow-like spots over plain green polish, stripes of white and red, and a ribbon-like design over plain red polish.

8. Accent Greenery

The Accent Greenery is another simple yet gorgeous nail design ideal for Christmas. The design features shorter oval-shaped nails painted with plain green nail polish. But then, one of the nails features white designs over beige nail polish.

9. Snowy White

The Snowy White nail design is gorgeous, classy, and ideal for Christmas and winter. The style comprises long oval-shaped nails with some nails featuring white French tips over a nude base. However, the rest of the nails are either plain white or white Christmassy-like designs over a nude base.

10. Glitter Green

The Glitter Green nail is not only gorgeous, but it’s a fashion statement of its own. So if you love your nails to stand out to the admiration of others, you should consider doing this design which features three main colors; green, nude, and gold. In addition, some nails feature gold crystals over a green base, while others are simply different designs of French manicures. 

11. Basic Red

The Basic Red design is one of the gorgeous red nail designs anyone could rock during Christmas. The classy nail design features long red oval-shaped nails, with three of the nails having little spots of white, while the remaining two nails feature more prominent white Christmassy art.

12. Swirly

Swirly is another fun and unique Christmas gel nail design. It’s suitable for people who want to appear a little bit extra. The design features average-length oval-shaped nails painted in bright red metallic nail polish. But then, the ring and middle fingers are carefully designed in a combination of red, white, and silver colors.

13. Snowy Nude

Snowy Nude is the perfect nude nail to rock during Christmas. The seemingly simple design oozes a lot of sophistication and high fashion. It combines cool, alluring colors like light pink, gold, and white. Two of the nails comprise silver design over white nail polish, while the rest are plain pale pink, stripes of white and pale pink or white French tips over a nude pink base.

14. Red Hot

Red Hot nails are fashionable all year round, but it’s the perfect fit for Christmas. This design is alluring and excellent for those who love to keep their looks simple yet classy. To achieve this look, your nail technician needs to file your nails to get a square-shapes and apply bright red gel nail polish on them. Your technician could also use any object to trace an invisible design over the red polish. \

15. Snowy Blue

If you love exploring other colors during Christmas, you should consider this Snowy Blue nail design. The beautiful and simple design features short square nails painted in blue polish. However, the nail on the ring finger features white star designs over a blue base.  

16. Green & Red Mix

This is another beautiful design of Christmas nails you should consider trying. The design is very Christmassy as it features strips of green and white, and green and red on the middle and ring fingers. However, the rest of the fingers feature white designs over plain red or plain green nail polish.

17. Nude & Green

You can keep it simple but chic during Christmas with this Nude and Green nail design. This style is simply regular French manicures with green French tips and a white line that slants on the sides of the nails.

18. Green Accent

The Green Accent nail design is also ideal for the Christmas season. The design is simple and primarily includes plain green glossy nail polish. But then, the middle finger features plain golden nail polish, while the ring finger consists of green Christmas tree-like designs over a nude base.

19. Long Blue Glitter

This nail design is suitable for those who love drama or love to be the center of attention. The Long Blue Glitter nail design features long nails painted with two different shades of glittering blue nail polish, with white designs on some of the fingers.

20. Nude & Cherry

Nude and Cherry is another simple yet classy gel nail design that you can perfectly rock during Christmas. The simple yet elegant design features nude bases, horizontal lines of silver crystals, and cherry-like designs in the center of the nails.

There are many more Christmas gel nail designs, but these are some of the best. If you want to bring some of the most creative Christmas nail designs to fruition, feel free to visit 1999 House of Nails for optimal results. 

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite: https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-manicure-art-close-up-photo-704815/

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