What Is Builder Gel? Things You Need to Know

Builder gel is a type of nail polish that helps to strengthen nails enabling them to grow in length and thickness and become more durable. They be applied on your natural nails or extension tips and can last an average of two to three weeks.
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December 19, 2022

The nail world is fast evolving. There are several options for nail extensions, from gorgeous acrylics to various stunning nail designs. Nail enthusiasts are also increasingly becoming aware of the need to go for natural-looking nails and take proper care of them.

There are indications that builder gel has overtaken the nail industry. Nail technicians have resolved to use builder gel to add strength to the natural nails of their clients to enable them to grow perfectly well. 

What is builder gel?

Builder gel is a type of nail polish that helps to strengthen nails enabling them to grow in length and thickness and become more durable. However, it is up to the technician who will decide whether to apply builder gel on your natural nails or use them with tips or forms to create extensions. 

Builder gel is applied in two layers: the builder gel and the topcoat. The builder gel helps to harden the polish, making it last longer, while the topcoat helps to make the polish look attractive as it protects it from chipping. 

Benefits of using builder gel

If you want your nails to look great, nail builder gel is the best option since it helps strengthen your natural nails, making them grow well. 

Builder gel also makes your nails look prettier since it adds noticeable smoothness. In addition, builder gel is relatively easy to use, and you can apply them directly to the nail or use tips to create an extension or enhancement.  

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How long does builder gel last?

Builder gel can last an average of two to three weeks. The truth is that a manicure created with builder gel can last up to three weeks, but this depends on the brand and how well your technician applied it. If you want to apply builder gel on natural nails, ensure your base is strong and healthy.

You will also get optimal results if you follow the application instructions of the builder gel brand you've chosen. It will help if you use only the products from your preferred brand because mixing them could affect the finishing. For example, avoid using the builder gel of one brand with the top coat of another.

To ensure that your builder gel lasts long, you must also use the right LED or UV nail lamp for the required time.

Builder gel vs gel polish vs hard/soft gel

If you were recently introduced to gel nails, you might be wondering if there is any difference between hard, soft, and builder gel. 

Hard gel is used in building nail extensions. Although it's similar to acrylic nails, the hard gel must go through an LED or UV lamp to become hardened. Removing hard gel can also be more challenging as it requires a filling, which could damage the natural nails.

Nowadays, the soft gel is also becoming incredibly popular. It's possible to use soft gel to add thickness and length to your nails, but it will be shorter than extensions made with hard gel. This is because the soft gel is often used to achieve a more natural nail effect, unlike hard gel. 

A significant difference between soft and hard gel is that you can easily remove soft gel by soaking it in acetone, whereas removing hard gel can be complicated as it starts with filing the nails. 

As earlier stated, builder gel is a type of nail polish that, when applied to nails, helps strengthens them, beautifies them, and makes them grow perfectly. Builder gel is available in soft and hard gel, but it's different from regular gel polishes. The regular gel polish has a thinner consistency that can also keep nails stronger, but it isn't as hardy as builder gel.

Of course, applying gel polish over your natural nails or builder gel is okay.

Builder gel versus acrylics; what should you choose?

If you are a nail technician, you will get many questions about whether builder gel is better than acrylics. But then, it's hard to answer this question as it's more about personal preferences. Both builder gel and acrylics have their pros and cons, hence the reason for personal preferences.

For example, some clients go for builder gel because it is more flexible and can be stronger than acrylics. Also, people who love natural-looking nails will probably opt for builder gel since it's quicker to apply with a high-shine finish. In addition, clients who have issues maintaining their nail length will most likely choose builder gel.

Some people also prefer builder gel because, according to them, it causes less damage when compared to acrylics. This point is valid because you can conveniently minimize nail damage during removal by soaking the nails in acetone.

However, acrylic is not too bad for nails as long as you apply them with care and get them removed by a trained nail technician. Clients with soft nails will likely opt for acrylics because they offer nail protection.

Therefore, as a nail technician, if you have clients that are undecided between acrylics and builder gel, it would help if you showed them pics so they can know what the different nail types look like. 

Overall, both acrylic and builder gel nails can create gorgeous manicures. But then, it's always a good idea for the technician to look at the nails to see how naturally strong they are before deciding which is best for the client.

Things to keep in mind

To make the best of a builder gel, you should go to a reputed nail technician who uses the correct type of lamp for the process. In addition, to ensure that your builder gel lasts longer, you must follow aftercare best practices. Some recommended aftercare practices include applying cuticle oil to your nail beds, wearing gloves when doing chores requiring your hands to come in touch with harsh chemical products, and not filing your nails unless necessary.

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