5 Best Places for Pedicures in Christchurch

The beautiful city of Christchurch, New Zealand, boasts many top-notch nail salons and spas that offer excellent pedicure services. If you are in dire need of some pampering and rejuvenating pedicure in Christchurch, look no further. We've compiled a list of the best in the area that offer top-tier services. ‍
1999 House of Nails
October 18, 2023

1. 1999 House of Nails

1999 House of Nails is one of the best spot for pedicure spas in Christchurch. It offers Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure, and its luxurious services include a range of game-changer treatments that will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed. The ambiance here is beautiful, and its relaxing atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for a tranquil pedicure experience. The staff here is also committed to hygiene, utilising only single-use pedicure kits ensuring that all tools are thoroughly sanitised after each use. 

The signature Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure at 1999 House of Nails includes:

  • Foot spa: the service begins with a soothing foot spa to relax your feet. The foot spa here may include an exfoliating sugar scrub that leaves your feet feeling soft and renewed.  
  • Cuticle care: After a relaxing foot spa, the technician will tend to your cuticle, leaving your toes with a clean, polished look. 
  • Cut shape and buff: to get you the perfect nail shape and a smooth, even surface. 
  • Color application: choose from a range of options and the skilled technician will apply the polish with care for a flawless and long-lasting finish. Note: clients can choose a ‘No Polish/Regular Polish’ option if gel is not required.
  • Hot Stone Leg and Feet Massage: This signature massage with hot stone is why most clients opt for this service. Hot stones are carefully massaged on your feet and legs to relax any tension and increase blood circulation. The service always end with a warm towel wrap around your feet for a complete pampering experience.
  • Foot mask: clients have the option to add on a moisturising foot mask which provides extra layer of hydration and nourishment for your feet
For an extra $15, clients also have the option to add the timeless french tips design on top of any pedicure services

Pricing: The price of a pedicure at 1999 House of Nails begins from $49 for a buff, shape, and gel polish session and goes up to $105 for the majestic spa pedicure. Book Now using code 'PEDIBLOG10' to get $10 off your next pedicure.

2. Nail Creative Co

Nail Creative Co is also one of many great options for pedicures in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is renowned for its Waterless Efile Pedicures, designed to rejuvenate dry and callused feet and address various nail-related problems. The salon’s difference lies in the focus on improving long-term foot and nail health rather than a one-off quick treatment. As far as we know, this is the only nail salon in Christchurch that offers medical pedicure which includes a comprehensive consultation on your feet’s health and appropriate treatments to address any issues.

Pricing: Nail Creative Co has a premium pricing, starting from $88 for a regular pedicure treatment, up to $140 for advanced medical pedicure.

3. Labella Nail Spa

Labella Nail Spa, based in Merivale, is also renowned for its pleasant and relaxing space for a pampering pedicure experience. This salon is reputed for using vegan and organic products, hence the best choice for healthy living advocates. The salon’s point of difference lies in the blend between beauty, culture, and wellness. This salon provides a wide range of services featuring its unique range of products, including a sun-kissed pedicure that incorporates nourishing coconut oil. 

Pricing: Prices at Labella Nail Spa range from $53 for a quick gel pedicure to $118 for an all-inclusive pedicure service.

4. Lovoir

Lovoir is known for its beautiful space and ambiance. It's an extremely high-end options for pedicures with spa pedicure options costing up to $143 for its most luxurious treatment. With 2 locations in Christchurch, the salon boasts a friendly and elegant environment to pamper and spoil you. The experts here pride themselves on their knowledge and expertise in body therapy and excellent customer service. Lavoir's pedicure services are worth considering if your budget is up for it.  

Pricing: Lavoir offers a diverse range of pedicure services, from $65 to $143. 

5. Bhava

Located in Merivale Mall, Bhava offers a cozy space for pedicures. With a mission to create a luxurious experience for clients, Bhava offers a range of expert nail treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. The salon is a great place to immerse yourself while the team treats you to a unique experience. The experts here use only the highest quality modern products and ingredients for all their professional manicures, pedicures, and beauty services. However, some clients have expressed concerns about the tight space, affecting their sessions' comfort levels. 

Pricing: Bhava's pedicure prices range from $45 to $95. 

The best options for pedicure in Christchurch

So those are the five premier options for pedicures in Christchurch in our list. Begin your exploration from the salon at the top of the list and work your way down until you discover the one that exceeds your expectations. Christchurch is blessed with an abundance of exceptional nail salons, offering you the opportunity to show your nails some love whenever you desire.

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